Animal Jam

About Animal Jam

Animal Jam is a MMO virtual game which was launched by WildWorks along with National Geographic. The game particularly aims towards the children fans and it has experienced 500% growth since its launch in 2010. Currently the game enjoys over 50 million online registered players and is based on the virtual world of Jamaa.

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The world includes different ecological environment and these habitats are crowded by animals created by the players. The animal creation part is one of the most interesting things of the game that lets the players explore their imagination as well as creativity. If you have been looking out for a game that can help in proper growth of creativity in your child, then Animal Jam can be a good option. Remember that the only site where you can receive gems easily is the animal jam hack which was officially said to be the only one working since the beginning of this year.

Animal Jam Gameplay

The players can also name each of the cartoon animals created by them maintaining some particular naming rules. These animal characters can interact amongst themselves. They can chat as well as trade and most interestingly they can take part in a number of multiplayer games, adventures as well as parties. The chat feature makes a prominent part of the game which comes with three different levels. Each of the level varies depending on their restrictions.
The restricted chat level allows the players only to type the words or phrases that are pre-selected. In order to ensure maximum safety of the children players the site of the game comes with a separate parent control dashboard from where parents can easily change the chat levels or impose extra filtering of the chats. The game has no outside advertising and it strictly follows a privacy policy to ensure the maximum safety of the players.

More info about Animal Jam

The best thing about Animal Jam is that it helps the players learn many things while playing the game. It not only informs the kids about different facts about the nature and its elements but also comes with a number of added educational videos that can be highly informative and yet interesting for the children to learn. As soon as the players complete a game they are provided with educational facts and there are messages about protecting the environment throughout the game.
There are two types of currency used in Animal Jam these are termed as gems and diamonds. The gems can be collected by playing the different games as well as by participating in a number of other activities. The diamond currency is the more valuable one in the game which can be purchased or obtained once in a week.

Boom Beach

About Boom Beach

Boom beach is an online strategy game developed by the Finnish company called Supercell and was launched in 2013. It is now available for both iOS and Android phones and has been developed on the freemium business model. It has been a popular game and rose to the top of highest grossing games for iOS in many countries. The game has received mostly positive reviews from a wide range of critics.

Boom Beach gameplay

The gameplay is based on a setup where the player is placed on an island with various defenses and an army. Attacks can be made on other players as well as virtual bases and a player can upgrade his defenses and troops as he moves through the game. The multiplayer mode allows the players to play against each other and also against a common enemy known as “The Blackguard”. The player can collect various valuable items like gold, stone and other metals through the course of the game and use these to upgrade his defenses. Diamonds are also very valuable items and are available in small quantities through the game.

Informations of Boom Beach

Though Boom Beach has many similarities to upper Cells earlier popular game Clash of Clans, it has an identity of its own. The game can be downloaded for free but in order to advance through the stages quickly, the players need to make in –app purchases. Supercell originally launched the game in Canada and Australia and used the feedback to develop and modify the game as much as possible before the global release. The popularity of the game after it was released came as a pleasant surprise for the company itself.
The game is designed in a way that the player needs to change strategies frequently to keep up with the other players. The constantly changing strategies keep the environment o f the game fresh at all times and thus do not allow the interest level of the player to go down at any moment. For the success of any game the involvement of the player into the game is very much requires and Boom Beach achieves this quite successfully. Thus it is not a surprise that the game has become quite addictive for most of the players. The game has been criticized by some for having less fun and humor than other strategy game. But it seems that as a strategy game, Boom beach is likely to remain at the top of the charts for quite some time in the future.

Dragon city

Introduction to Dragon City

Raise your own dragons and be the creator and owner of an exclusive dragon city with this social networking game. It gives you the rare opportunity to be up, close and personal with your dragons and can be highly interesting to play. The game was first launched in 2012 for Facebook only, and it was available for play only to the users of the social networking platform for a year. However, slowly the iOS as well as Android version of the game came out, but still the users can connect the game with their Facebook account even if they are using the iOS or the Android version instead of the web one. According to the reports published in 2012, Dragon City was ranked as the number 2 game on Facebook, which certainly added an extra feather on the crown of this imaginary virtual world creation game that particularly targets the mid-core players.

Dragon City Gameplay

The game has total 99 levels which makes it really interesting for the players as they continuously keep on moving to the newer levels with fresh backdrops. Once the player register for the game, he/she is provided with 6 primary islands and then he/she is guided through a tutorial that gives a clear idea about some of the simple tasks that the player can do to earn the experience points or Xp in the game, which then can be used for going to the next level. There are total 550 dragons in the game according to the latest reports and for leveling up a dragon, which will give it special abilities and skills, a player needs to feed it 4 amounts of food. As the dragon reaches to the next level, the amount of food needed for leveling it up also increases.

More About Dragon City

Players are provided with the option to grow their own food for feeding the dragons, which will produce gold as the revenue. However, players can also buy foods for the dragons by spending the gems. There are also a number of tricks and hacks that can be used for growing the dragons. For example, a player can go to a different world, grow dragons there and then send them to other islands. There are new events every month in the game that the players can use for earning unique dragons through feeding, breeding and growing the dragons as well as by collecting the gold. There is a wide range of elements and habitats in the game and every dragon gets their own status depending on these elements.

Angry Birds

About angry birds

We might just leave this page completely blank, because we know it pretty well that you already have a very clear idea, might be even clearer than us, about this game. This page might not be able to provide you with something new about the Angry Birds that you already do not know, but it can surely be helpful to check out the features and specialties of this extremely popular game once more. So read on,
Angry Bird, the first of the series was released in the last month of 2009 only for iOS. Within a year of the release, over 12 million copies of it were sold from the App store making it one of the most successful games in the iOS history. After the huge success of the game for the iOS platform, the same was released for all the other Smartphone based operating systems as well. Currently there are also versions of Angry Birds for PCs as well as the gaming consoles, and the extreme popularity of the game has worked as the primary reason behind it. Angry Bird is the most downloaded freemium series game of all the times.

More informations about angry birds

This series game has been published in different genre, while some focuses on puzzle; some of it concentrates on racing, role-playing, shooting, title-matching and other genres. There have been also some Spin-offs of the game. The first Spinoff, Bad Piggies was released in 2012, which particularly focused on the puzzle type. The second spinoff published in 2014, September, Angry Birds Stella is also puzzle based but the type of the puzzles was completely different than the previous version. The third and the last spin off came out in March 2015 by the name Angry Birds POP and it was particularly designed on a title-matching concept. The only compilation of the game came out in 2012 by the name of Angry Birds Trilogy, which was a compilation of the first three games of the series, namely, Original, Season and Rio, developed particularly for the gaming consoles.

Angry birds history

The extensive variation available in this simple 2D game with an attractive background and music score has worked as one of the primary reasons behind the huge success of this game series. Currently it has also been adopted extensively in merchandise as well as through shows, movies, and the developer of the game Rovio is now concentrating more in making Angry Birds a whole brand instead of just a video game. The simple end note for the gamers is that, if you like simple games that are challenging, Angry Birds can surely be the right one for you. Watch this amazing video about Angry Birds below!

8 ball pool


About 8 ball pool

This is a pool game developed for mobile phones and it adds some interesting features in the gameplay mode making the game more interesting. It was developed by a company named Miniclip which is developer of various games. The game allows normal rules of pool and the player can practice to improve skills in a separate practice arena. After that the player can challenge other top players and take part in competitions. The player is ranked based on the wins and losses and an increased ranking helps to compete in the higher levels of the game.

8 ball pool gameplay

8 Ball Pool offers various customization options. The pool table and cue can be customized using pool coins which can be earned by winning every match. These coins can also be used to purchase items from the pool shop. Updates are provided frequently by the developer thereby improving the various aspects of the game. The game is designed in a way to make the playing challenging and interesting in all stages. One can also challenge their friends via Facebook or by creating a Miniclip account. This is also helpful in boosting about a high score that any player achieves.
The game has been quite popular among players of all ages. The main aspects that make any mobile phone game popular are smooth and fast gameplay with interesting concepts. Even though the game involves pool, which is quite common, the developers have made sure that the players never find the game boring in any way. Hence the game is always challenging the player s in some way or the other thus giving it an addictive charm. The multiplayer mode is also quite popular and at any moment thousands of players are connected online, giving a player the chance to pick a wide range of opponents. In the beginning, each player is given some free coins to help then enter the game. Subsequently, all coins won by the player can be used to buy various items from the store.

More information about 8 ball pool

The game also allows a player to unlock new items and get bonus prizes which is quite helpful. Extra prizes are also awarded for regular players. 8 Ball Pool is one of the most popular online and mobile pool games available in the play stores. It is also quite cheap and hence can be played without any hassles. The developers have already done a good job and with continuous improvements, this game is sure to hold on to its popularity figures.